About Us

In September 2012 Gamze and Esteve discovered the Kingdom of Bhutan. While doing an West-East they captured the flavours and wonders on photos, illustrations and a diary. The Polaroid pictures once developed were not looking like vintage but really old due to the outdated chemicals of the films, the un-even developing process and also because no trace of modern-life aspects such as cars, electricity posts were depicted.

A nice tale was created to fill the gap of antique photographic records of Bhutan until its openness on the mid 20th century. The main concept behind would be creating a fake story as if those polaroids were found on a flea market somewhere in Europe. Those would be original pictures taken while an expedition back in early 20th century when the country was still yet to be discovered by the western eyes. A set of illustrations on hand-made Bhutanese paper plus some items would complement the photographic documents.

Aiming to share the thrilling feeling of Bhutan’s trip to everyone, Gamze and Esteve decided to create the cultural project Bhutan 1912 which consist of exhibitions, collectible items and a photo and illustrations book. Was also from the beginning the wish to support good cause projects in Bhutan with the net proceeds from the project as a gratitude for all the good experiences Bhutan gave to them.