Where it all began …
Where it all began

Where it all began …

On a rainy Saturday of October of 2012, I went to the brocante market for a morning walk. Usually, I’m on the lookout for old photographs and negatives but most of what I find are vintage postcards taken in a photo stud. They all look quite similar so it can be tricky to spot some of the rarer photos on topics such as a specific ethnic group from a remote location.
While browsing some photo album I realised the book was on top of a shabby metal box that wasn’t just decorative. Packed to its limits, it was full of old photographs, some jewellery, prayer flags and, of course, plenty of dust. Shacking I quickly decided to close it and ask for a price. It was a total bargain, I must say.
A full-blown expedition material that had been kept locked for a hundred years appeared in front of my eyes. The dates on the notebook were clear: 1912.
I didn’t know whose could have been and why they visited such remote area. As we speak, some linguists are identifying and translating the texts. It looks like the expedition members were early adopters of the Polaroid cameras and even did experiment with full colour films in addition to the regular black and white captures.
The photographs, items and drawings are not meant to remain in the darkness but to be exhibit. Might be that was the aim of this forgotten expedition?