First steps on setting up the exhibition

First steps on setting up the exhibition

Just a bit after our return from Bhutan and having survived a devastating stomach flu, we started to draft the outlines of the project we had in our minds. We wanted to make a selection of the over 150 Polaroid photos we made and perform some illustrations on Bhutanese hand-made paper. After a couple of calls we could arrange the order of the paper as the few we bought while in Thimphu were completely inked during the trip.


We got the packet!


Dense plant fiber scent is in the room since the box was unveiled. Gamze selected the thickest paper available in two sizes which were manufactured on her demand; such a nice feeling that someone is creating artistic paper specially for you. We could almost even feel it was ready made. Gamze is always using lots of ink and watercolours so the fiber has to be thick and resistant. It’s now time for her to do the magic!