Exhibition Opening in Maastricht
Mastricht (NL)

Exhibition Opening in Maastricht


It has been not even five months since we returned from our trip to Bhutan and we managed to have an exhibition opening! Last weeks have been quite stressful in order to control all the details but at the end all looked great!  We celebrated the event with friends and supporters who made it to come all the way to Maastricht.

With a prosecco on our hands and nice music set by Stijn Halfens (envotion) we made some privée tour explaining the stories behind the artworks. It is difficult to summarise all the experiences and emotions underlying the illustrations and photographs such as the nice people we met in colourful dresses, the houses, the murals inside the Dzongs, the tsechus, …. It was a nice opportunity to share with a wider audience what Bhutan mean for us, how Bhutan looks like and the ways of living and the impacting rituals. Conversations amused until late.

The good vibe at the opening boosted the sales of the first polacard decks and even art pieces!!

You can have some nice cakes while watching our artworks until the 3rd of May 2013 and get our Polacards sets.

Thanks again to you all for your warmth and we wish you enjoy the exhibition and the Polacards!!