Second round

Second round

Lately we have been a bıt quiet. After the huge effort for having the first exhibition set in Maastricht, we kept working but under the cover this time. The wish of showing the artworks couldn’t finish on the first attempt. As long as we started in The Netherlands, an embracing country and culture, we understood we shall gave more chances to our Dutch followers and true friends.

CoffeeYou is one of the poles of the city of Eindhoven. Located at the very entrance of the Design Academy Eindhoven, a vivid mixture of teachers and students enjoy the mood with other design and art passionated people. İt is a spacious venue full of light and positive energy that comes from the nice pastries and delicious coffee served.

When almost everyone will be back to Eindhoven from the summer holidays, the exhibition will start. The format will be similar to the first event although new artworks will reach the public light. Gamze has been keeping hidden some illustrations so to make the experience special. Some more surprises will come as well though is too soon now to unveil them ….



Bhutan 1912’s second exhibition will take place in CoffeeYou (Clausplein 4, Witte Dame. Eindhoven) from the 2nd August until the 15th of September 2013.