East meets West
Istanbul (TR)

East meets West

For so long the Bhutan 1912 followers from Turkey have been reading and supporting from the distance. It was due time to make their wishes come true so to bring the artworks that enchanted them digitally.

Moving around illustrations and prints it’s not an easy task but at the end we persevered and finally made their way to Istanbul. The venue for the forth exhibition is addressistanbul known to Gamze as some of her previous exhibitions took place there. She has many friends amongst the interior design shops and regularly you can find her chatting over a coffee on comfortably seated on a couch. It’s, then, a special place for her. That is why she proposed to draw a mural for the exhibition which will remain as a lovely memory for the time to come.

The huge mural is a blend of the artistic style used for the Bhutan 1912 illustration collection and her newly embraced face characterisation whose girls no longer have their eyes shut but look to the visitors with an interesting gaze. A striking and captivating welcome to the display of the polaroid prints and illustrations while cushions fluff all the way.

addressistanbul hosts the exhibition until the January 4th 2014